Midgarth Charlotte2709JPG.JPG


Born 22nd April 2021

Dun filly


Sire: Gabriel of Brygarth

         by Fitta of Berry

Dam: Zara of Brygarth

         by Zorro of Berry

A super miniature filly with a beautiful colour and shape. Super bloodlines back into Berry, Gott and Kerswell. 

We are planning on entering Charlotte into the Lerwick Sales in October. 

SPSBS registered BJ0261

Half- sister retained in stud 

Aria 21_07.JPG
Midgarth Aria with Halo of Brygarth


Aria and Grace.JPG

Born 23rd April 2021

Dun and White filly

Sire Gabriel of Brygarth 

         by Fitta of Berry

Dam Halo of Brygarth

          by Brucie of Berry

A lovely dun and white filly, a real eye-catcher. Super bloodlines going back to Berry, Gott, Kerswell and Brindister.

We are planning on entering Aria into the Lerwick Sales in October. 

SPSBS registered BJ0185

Full sister already retained in stud.

Midgarth Aria.JPG
Ebony of Brygarth


Born 7th May 2021

Black filly with few white hairs on forehead filly

Sire Gabriel of Brygarth

        by Fitta of Berry

Dam Grace of Brygarth

         by Halstock Master Oats

Another beautiful filly from Grace, this is the second filly Grace has produced. Her last filly now in Belgium. 

Again super bloodlines Berry, Kerswell, Gott and Brindister. 

We are planning to enter Ebony into the Lerwick Sales this October.

SPSBS registered BJ0186


Ebony, Charlotte and Aria
Christina 11_07.JPG
Midgarth Christina .JPG


Born 13th May 2021

Dun and white filly

Sire Gabriel of Brygarth

       by Fitta of Berry

Dam Genevieve of Brygarth

       by Halstock Master Oats

TESTED FOR MUSHROOM GENE - POSITIVE Result found to be a carrier

Christina named after a special lady is a fantastic filly bred from our favourite lines. We had already decided to retain her when we had the added bonus of finding out that she is a carrier of the mushroom gene. 

SPSBS registered BJ0262


Midgarth Christina
Midgarth Christina
Rosie and Isla.jpg


Born 4th June 2021

Skewbald filly

Sire Hjaltland Jarl

       by Ward of Houlland

Dam Isla of Brygarth

       by Halstock Master Oats

A lovely skewbald filly by Isla and Jarl.

Very like her dad, starting to change colour to the same rich skewbald of her dad. She has a super movement as well as processing super bloodlines from her sire and dam. Berry, Holland, Gott and Kerswell. 

Look forward to seeing how she develops. We will put more photos of Rosie on once she finishes shedding her foal coat

SPSBS registered BJ0260


Roseanna of Brygarth